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How To Improve As A Web Developer?

BSL Admin ∣ 23rd June, 2021 Design

It’s important that to look back on the past year(s) and reflect on the things that went right and wrong in the hopes of becoming the best version of yourself in the year(s) ahead.

As a self-trained web developer, I’ve improved on my skills by learning, unlearning, and relearning what the web technology world offers. It sometimes pays to look into the things other people are processing and learn through them.

01. Spend a Lot of Time in Other People’s Code

Over time you will gain wisdom navigating through code written by others, and really pay attention to what it’s doing.

02. Create an Archive of Your Favourite Code Snippets

There are times when you’d think that you would remember syntax of new code or even remember or recollect where you got them. This will allow you to go back and reference code when questions or ideas pop up.

03. Create an Archive of Your Notes, Flow Diagrams, and other things You Scribble on Paper

I have a habit of working out the visual aspects of a web application, and often, even the source code on paper. So, I keep those papers safe for when I might have to refer back. It has helped me out in a pinch.

04. Learn at Every Opportunity You Get

Active listening and learning will provide you with a bunch of ideas. Be humble and be a student. Don’t assume you know it all.

05. Trust Your Own Judgment More

Active listening doesn’t mean we can’t have our own opinions or even continue holding onto them. It simply means we hear and retain information that can inform our own opinions.

06. Seek Others’ Experiences That Validates Your Own

It gives you comfort when you realize that you are not the only one who makes mistakes or struggles in certain areas, it makes you feel okay for where your skills are at instead of seeing yourself as an unskilled developer who’s prone to mistakes.

07. Take Breaks

For those of you with 9-5 job, I would recommend tea breaks at 12noon and 3pm and for when you work at home, I suppose you’ll have more things to do, so choose for yourself when you want the break. I like to read books, which would be like my ideal break time.